Malika Karoum Micro Locals Project

From January 2023, organizations, news organizations and companies from all over the world, such as; shops, sports clubs, political parties, fire brigades, police, social organizations, foundations, event organizations, government agencies, hotels, tennis clubs, football clubs, golf, casinos, business, web shops, websites, products and much more, participate in an online scoop of Malika Karoum Рthe Micro Locals Project- (online news, promotion & information platform).

This unique project, Malika Karoum’s Micro Locals Project, is a unique online digital news, information, marketing and promotional concept, specially developed for companies, organizations and agencies, who want news, messages and / or marketing activities in the regional environment, or need national, national or global reach .




Malika Karoum ‘s online platform is from and for regions in the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world.

With news, information and culture, the regional channel contributes to the residents being well informed, recognizing their environment and culture
, being able to participate critically and be a full part of that society.

Malika Karoum receives a professional and relevant media offering, close to people, accessible to everyone and intricately organized, via television, radio and increasingly via the many non-linear channels (online).

Malika Karoum cherishes their identity and relevance. The regional broadcaster focuses on reliability, involvement and reach. That is the task of the editor-in-chief, who bear ultimate responsibility for the content of the regional and international broadcaster.

The regional & national broadcaster promises society:

– a reliable basic journalistic facility in the region;
– great regional involvement;
– be accessible to everyone and always;
– to be a pivotal role in the development of regional,
– local and global journalism.




News is pre-eminently a task that plays a pivotal role in strengthening regional journalism all over the world. That is a task that is becoming increasingly important for our democracy. Malika Karoum therefore sets herself a great journalistic ambition.

It is a collective responsibility to keep journalism afloat in sparsely populated areas of the world.

Fine-meshedness is a core concept, which means that Malika Karoum wants to serve the public at the level of their social, economic and cultural connections.

The Malika Karoum concept is not a conduit for other people’s news, but producers of news. Malika Karoum likes to be the source for other media, be it websites and programs or local viral media.

From his public position, Malika Karoum feels responsible for playing a pivotal role in partnerships with newspapers, local and global broadcasters.



Malika Karoum’s proposal to also involve non-media organizations such as social institutions, politics, government and libraries in the collaboration fits very well with the connecting and cultural function that Malika Karouma also has and would like to expand further.

In addition to news, we capture the identity of the region and city with programs that focus on the current environment. This includes events, but also the daily focus on a street or village, city, country or continent.

By putting our brands first and by forming partnerships with social organizations in the region.

With a well thought-out combination of the Malika Karoum – Micro Locals concept, national & regional cooperation and cluster formation , a unique news formula will be realized without affecting
the quality of the media offering.

 Harmonization and standardization of technology is not only essential for innovation, but also contributes significantly to the success of this innovative formula.

The Malika Karoum – Micro Locals concept contributes and offers the possibilities of harmonization and standardization.

The result is a strategy for a new technical news infrastructure, an overview of local, regional and global news and a reduction of the current and future cost of news gathering in the regional and global sector.



Malika Karoum News & Advertising 

The Malika Karoum online platform also offers an extensive range of possibilities to achieve much more reach and results through cross media and new media modules.

It is a separate online interface platform within the Malika Karoum concept, which allows you to design your posting, news, information and advertisement in detail in a special way.

The difference between promoting and advertising a post

The main difference for you between posting, promoting or advertising your own message on the Malika Karoum Platform or with other providers is the amount of time it takes you to post a paid message on, for example, Facebook, Youtube, Social Media or your own website. show, in addition to the high costs, poor regional reach, many obligations and the limited possibilities that come with them.

The Malika Karoum Online Platform is a high-performing online specialized news platform, with which one can achieve more regional reach, people, organizations, companies, results and objectives to be achieved (without accumulating expensive clicks, staff and high marketing costs) but structured, well Underpinned and facilitated, you can increase your own fan base, followers and potential customers, while simultaneously working on marketing, branding and promotional activities.

When you have something to say or want to inform your environment about something, the Malika Karoum Platform is the right online way to promote the message.

If you wish to achieve specific goals for your company, advertising on the Malika Karoum Platform is your best business choice.